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Credit Consultancy Process

The credit approval process results in 1 to 4 months depending on the size of the loan and the characteristics of the investment. Process details are summarized below.

Preliminary interview:

Meetings are held with company managers and partners. In this meeting, the details of the company and the project are discussed.

If the project is deemed appropriate by us, an agreement shall be signed between us and Argus Consultancy, which authorizes us to carry out the necessary credit negotiations with domestic and foreign banks and finance companies.

Provision of necessary documents:

At this stage, the gil list of required documents and information “containing the documents and information required by the banks is communicated to you. Documents and information are provided in accordance with the list and checked by us if any deficiencies are completed.

Preparing the file:

The credit file containing a detailed report to be introduced to the firm and the investment is prepared by us in accordance with the information requested by the bank.

In the report;

General introduction of the company,

Detailed analysis of financial structure

Sector analysis

Cash flow and repayment capacity of investment project

Other important information is included.

This report is added to the file by adding the company documents and presented as requested by the relevant banks.

Starting negotiations with Financial Institutions:

We take part in the interviews with the banks and the questions that may come from the banks are answered by us. For each project, the bank with the highest probability of doing the work is chosen by us.

Evaluation and selection of approved credits:

The bank offering the most favorable conditions and costs is selected with you.

Note 1.:

In the case of credit transactions, transactions are not made in the event that the company and its partners have serial records such as unpaid checks and protested bills or bank debts linked to the protocol.

For exceptional cases it is necessary to file the return or payment certificate of the checks from the relevant bank or the protest lift documents.

Note 2:

Each of our services will be charged as stated in the contract, as detailed in the contract submitted to you to be signed.

Note 3:

The process will be continued after a detailed examination and agreement by you of the agreement and the above mentioned issues will be continued. Argus Consulting collects the service fee when the results are determined from the beginning and the net targets are reached.

Credit Consultancy Process