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About Us

Argus has been established to provide financial consultancy and training support to its customers by using the knowledge and experience of its team members over 20 years of international finance and commercial banking experience.

With its staff specialized in Corporate Finance, Investment Loans, Equity and Debt through on configuration and aims to become the leading company in Turkey.

It is our first priority to ensure that our customers obtain the optimum benefit from the financial markets and use the best possible financial products. All the challenges and obstacles we face when building financing structures are a source of motivation for us.

On the subject of education, by using modern technology and methods in education with the best trainers of our country, we design trainings that create behavioral change and affect the results.

With 8 experienced consultants we offer 7 basic solutions:

  • Organizational Strategy
  • Strategic Finance management
  • Perfect Management and Leadership
  • Effective Sales and Communication
  • Competency Trainings
  • Management Trainings
  • Technical Trainings

Argus in Mythology

In the mythology, Argus was described as the giant who is the son of Zeus with one hundred eyes who sees everything. It is described as a protective that never sleeps.

About Us